Pavtube Media Magician

Pavtube Media Magician Review

Pavtube Media Magician is a very complete video converter and DVD ripper. It is an all-in-one package that should really cover all your video converting needs. It also has a fully functional DVD ripper.

All this is combined with very good format support, both input and output, and a great design, with lots of advanced features.

The design of this application is what really caught my attention the most. The user interface is extremely intuitive and responsive. When files are added to the list of files to convert, you can simply click on the settings wheel to choose a conversion profile for that file. You can convert different files to different formats all in the same operation. The pop-up window that comes up when you want to choose a format looks great. I also like that when files have several audio streams, you can choose which one you want to keep by simply selecting it from a drop-down menu on the main window. I really hate navigating through menus, and this converter doesn't do that, at all.

As I said, the converter has excellent format support. I tested it with an MKV file, and I could even add subtitles to it. I saved the surround sound track and the conversion process was very smooth.

The DVD ripper is as fully featured as the video converter, and it also works great.

Pros: 1. Excellent format support; 2. Superb design; 3. Works well.
Cons: None.